Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mandy & Pandy

After our first Language Stars class, I got E down for a nap and got on the computer searching for Mandarin learning resources for her. We now have 6 Little Pim DVDs that get played with some frequency.  I was hoping to find a book or two that would have English, Mandarin characters and Pinyin (so I could attempt pronunciation).  I was excited to find Mandy & Pandy-board books that come with a cd that has the story on it!

I was also pleased to find one of these books at our Language Stars center. I bought the only one they had: "Mandy and Pandy Say "Ni Hao Ma?"  I tried reading this to E the first night we had it. It did not go over well. She was asking for Dora by the 3rd page (oh no-should we have gone the Spanish route?!) We tried it the next day with the cd.  We listened to most of it-going along with the book. But I dont know if it took too long or what, but E was done before we got to the end.  I see on their website they have a counting one, too. Maybe she'll like this one since she is familiar with the numbers already.

These books are $12.95 on their website and $19.50 on Amazon right now.

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