Friday, March 23, 2012

Language Stars - Week 10

Hungry Caterpillar week!

Our teacher used the Hungry Caterpillar this week to review foods, colors, and counting. It seems our class is just two kids now-just E and a boy who is almost 3. His mom also brings his infant brother with-a nice thing about Language Stars, I think. I believe you have to start paying once a child is a year old.

E used to love the Hungry Caterpillar at home-but lately it has been out of our book rotation. She was familiar with the story and said the foods in English. She was able to pick out pin gua (apple) and yu mi (corn) from a bag of fruits and vegetables when asked.

Our project this week was coloring in a sandwich. This one one of our least successful "art" projects-it was straight forward coloring and a little hard to tell what some of the items were intended to be.

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