Monday, March 12, 2012

Coffee Shop Encounter

Before Mandarin class this week we had some shopping to do at the Gluten Free bakery nearby. So, we had lunch at Starbucks and watched the trains go by.  E was in a great mood after having had a 20 minute nap in the car. We shared a sandwich and talked about the trains going by. Wondered what they were hauling and where they were going.

I told her we'd have to clean up so we could head over to Mandarin class. She exclaimed, "Oh yes!"  Then she started in with "And we will say 'Ni Hao' and [our teacher] will say 'Ni Hao' and we will play with toys and see the boys and then say 'Zi Gen'!"  I was tickled at her excitement and summation of our weekly experience. And, so was the mom of the 18 month old behind us.  She was curious and asked us all about our class. She had experience working in Asia with her husband and was very keen on having her child learn and Eastern language, too.  I wish I had thought to write my name down in case she did decide to try Language Stars.. Have I mentioned their referral program? Each party receives $50 off the following semester's enrollment.

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  1. How sweet! E is one smart girl! I love the picture by the way...very neat