Thursday, March 8, 2012

Language Stars - Week 9 - Private lesson!

We were the only ones in our class this week-so it was a nice private lesson!  The theme was grocery store, fruits and vegetables.  My dad came with to see what it was like.  E enjoyed having Grandpa, or Yee Yee, with her in class.

We started out reviewing sun, snow and rain with puppets.  I cannot seem to remember sun.  E wasn't very interested in it.  The puppets are nice-but a little scary to her, I think.  The teacher took out a parachute and we reviewed colors and counting while letting E ride on top and then play underneath it.  She hasn't said any of the color names in Mandarin yet but knows at least three of them when asked to point them out.

Then we moved on to the fruits and vegetables. This is obviously a large vocabulary category. First we used plush apples, tomatoes, corn and bananas to learn those items. Then we built sandwiches out of plastic bread, tomatoes, cheese and lunch meat.

Snack time came around and we built sandwiches out of animal crackers and raisins.  We also looked at a book about fruits and vegetables. E was very good this week at responding to the teacher and echoing the vocabulary. I'm sure it helped that the other kids weren't there.

We also did a coloring activity with a grocery store scene and used stickers to further decorate it. The teacher gave E an extra sheet of stickers to take home. E was thrilled!  Grandpa was impressed with the class and commented on how smiley and encouraging the teacher was.

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