Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Language Stars - Week 8

Things weren't clicking this week in class. The other kids were just getting over colds or up from a nap. E was extra bouncy.  The kids wanted to sit in chairs during our normal sit on the floor in a circle time.

Our teacher handled it all well, though and did her best to get them to participate.  The moms ended up pitching in a bit more than is normally needed.  We spent a lot of time on happy (kai xin!), sad and scared this week.  We used puppets with the different emotions expressed in their face. One activity included trying to knock over the correct puppet (standing upright with help from a mini-construction cone) with a ball.  I don't know if this works with other groups of kids or not-but ours saw this as an excuse to throw the ball around the room.

The kids did much better around the table with the small craft project-happy/sad face on a Popsicle stick. And of course the snacks are always a hit with this crew.  E learned how to ask for more and actually said it this week.

She has started to ask me how to say things in Mandarin now.  We'll be at home and she'll ask "How do we say 'pink' in Mandarin?" I loaded google translate onto my ipod so now I'm ready with an answer! It satisfies her initial question-but I haven't retained any of the words we've looked up yet.

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